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On this page you can find the materials related to the Fasttrack C++ course of Utrecht University / DGDARC, originally developed for and by the IGAD program of the NHTV University of Applied Sciences.


Download the latest version of the C++ template here: (Februari 10)

Older versions:

See the first installments of the course for instructions on installing Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and this template.


These articles will become available during the third block of the academic year, i.e. February - April 2017.

Article 1: Getting Started
Article 2: The Template
Article 3: Variables
Article 4: Loops
Article 5: Conditions
Article 6: Floats
Article 7: Debugging
Article 8: Addresses
Article 9: Colors
Article 10: Arrays
Article 11: Tiles
Article 12: Classes
Article 13: Data Structures
Article 14: Fixed Point
Article 15: File I/O
Article 16: Physics
Article 17: AI


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