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bikkerMy name is Jacco Bikker, I am a Christian, lecturer and software developer with a strong interest for real-time ray tracing and path tracing. I am currently employed by the Utrecht University, teaching Software Optimization, Graphics, Advanced Graphics and Concurrency.

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Selected publications:

J. Bikker, Ray Tracing for Real-time Games. Ph.D. thesis, Delft University, 2012. ISBN 978-90-5335-595-4.

J. Bikker and J. van Schijndel, The Brigade Renderer: a Path Tracer for Real-time Games. 2013. International Journal of Game Technology, volume 2013, article ID 578269.

J. Bikker, Improving Data Locality for Efficient In-Core Path Tracing. Computer Graphics Forum, Eurographics Association. Volume 31, p. 1936-1947.

J. Bikker and R. Reijerse, A Precalculated Pointset for Caching Shading Information. In: EG 2009, Short Papers, Eurographics Association.

J. Bikker, Generic Ray Queries using kD-trees. 2008. In: Game Programming Gems 7, Charles River Media, ISBN-13 978-1584505273.

J. Bikker, Real-time Ray Tracing through the Eyes of a Game Developer. In: RT ’07: Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing. IEEE Computer Society.

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Ray Tracing / Path Tracing

The Arauna Real-time Ray Tracer

arauna1   arauna2   arauna3

High-performance Whitted-style ray tracer, designed for multi-core / SIMD-enabled CPUs. Used to build several student games, including "Let There Be Light", "A Time of Light", "Pirates on the Edge" and "Outbound". The center image was rendered for Edge magazine. Arauna is open source and can be used freely.

Downloads:     "Arauna"     "Let There Be Light"     "A Time Of Light"     "Pirates on the Edge"

Brigade 1 Path Tracer

b1_1   b1_2   b1_3

Experimental path tracer, designed for games. Used for several titles, including "Reflect" and "It's About Time" (later re-implemented using Brigade 2). Brigade 1 uses all CPUs and GPUs for rendering. As Brigade 2 was sold to OTOY, source code for Brigade 1 is no longer available.

Brigade 2 Path Tracer

b2_1   b2_2   b2_3

High-performance path tracer designed for interactive applications.

Downloads: High quality trailer for "It's About Time" (59MB)

Arauna2 Path Tracer

a2_2   a2_1

Experimental path tracer, with efficient sampling of complex BRDFs and light sources. Video here.

Unnamed research renderer, under construction

n_1   n_2

Experimental renderer, implementing Vertex Connection & Merging as well as bidirectional path tracing on the GPU. More information to follow.

Other Projects

softrastUnnamed reference software rasterizer, developed for a course on ray tracing for games for the Czech Technical University in Prague. Features: texture mapping with palette, scene graph, sub-pixel and sub-texel correction.

Download source code (Visual Studio 2013 / 2015).

ogllabUnnamed OpenGL engine with depth of field, shadow mapping for spotlights and point lights, ambient occlusion and screen space reflections.

hatchedHatched!: summer family project. Full Android puzzle game, with 64 levels, inspired by Eggerland (HAL). The game was built on a custom C++ framework.

Get Hatched! now from the Play Store and become my second customer. :)

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Online teaching portfolio can be found here.